How Texas LawShield Protected Me from my Neighbor

One Texas LawShield member found out what one of his neighbors would do after a neighborhood dispute turned into a violent road rage incident. Jerry N. was driving out of his neighborhood when a neighbor suddenly pulled in front of him and got out of his truck threatening to kill him. Watch our video to find out what happened next and how Texas LawShield was able to help Jerry through the legal aftermath.  

Self-defense incidents occur every day. Most of the time, you’ll have to defend yourself against people you know. Will you be prepared like Jerry? Become a member of U.S. and Texas LawShield, the legal defense for self-defense today.

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38 comments on “How Texas LawShield Protected Me from my Neighbor

  1. First off where’s the Reply from US Law Shield to J Booths and Steve Richardson questions. .
    I to want to know have we been Misinformed. .
    Suppose the outcome had been different. .Then what?? Had Mr Booth killed this Guy ..Would he be in Jail for murder? and why did it take soo Long for him to be proven not guilty? It seems he was fully within his rights to defend himself. ..Had the Angry neighbor pulled out a gun instead of a cell phone then what..? Again if we pull our Guns and use them in a situation like this …Aren’t we fully within our rights to protect ourselves? Soo if we pull our guns should we or should we not use them ? No one wants to take a Life ..But No one wants to be a Victim either I know I don’t
    !! …That’s why I carry..

  2. Bottom line. When you pull your gun out, after you’ve exhausted all angles of how to handle a situation, you better be certain that you made the right choice. I keep a stun gun in my vehicle as well as a gun. I’d use a stun gun first before I’d use my gun. My question is why this guy didn’t put his window up. Suburbans stand high. Put the window up and drive away. The guy was out of his vehicle. If that were me and I saw this dude stop like this and I knew he was a loose cannon getting out, I wouldn’t do a face off. I’m all about avoidance. Drive around this idiot.

  3. This guy did everything right. He did not pull the gun until he had grounds to use it. When a subsequent opportunity arose to get away with out using the gun, he took advantage of it. Still, he got charged with a crime and had to go all the way through the ordeal of a trial that never should have taken place. Glad he came out ok.

  4. You did not have to shoot and were lucky in my book. These lowlifes will push you then try to have you arrested.Good ending using the Castle Doctrine.

  5. Imagine how that DA would have pursued him if he shot an unarmed person.

  6. I am not understanding why Jerry was arrested. What happened to the neighbor? I have US Law Shield and glad I do but I am amazed at the action taken by the police in Jerry’s case.

  7. I am not understanding why Jerry was arrested. What happened to the neighbor? I have US Law Shield and glad I do but I am amazed at the action taken by the police in Jerry’s case.

  8. I live in NM and I have Texas law shield, I was told by the customer service rep. When I signed up that Texas law shield does not get you out of jail…this guy in the video said Texas law shield got him out of jail…so what’s the truth here ???

  9. I have been carrying for 20 years, since I retired from the military. In the military, my first instinct is to shoot. Now that I am in the civilian world, my last option would be to have to shoot someone. I will try to talk my way out of a bad situation. If that does not work, I have major skills in close quarters combat, and am quite efficient at that. If I then need to, then my option is my Kerambit. My last resort is to pull my firearm and deploy it as a terminal final resort to end the violence against myself or my loved ones. However, if the other person(s) cannot be reasoned with, fought off with punches and kicks, and I have no other option, I must use the tool I would least wish to use on another person. I am lucky to live in a community with a vast number of military retirees, veterans, and a civilian populace that respects the 2nd Amendment.

  10. Why are the questions not addressed?

  11. My comments on the statements in this forum: First, even though this was a video statement from Jerry, obviously there had been a long history of something wrong in the interactions between both parties, which we don’t know the full story. Seems misplaced that a person just all the sudden starts yelling to everyone in his own neighborhood that he’s going to kill them all and throwing rocks through windshields without having already gone to jail for it if no one was fighting back with him. Jerry and other neighbors should have filed police reports along the way to create paper trail of violent activity, otherwise at the end of the day, it’s Jerry’s word against the other guy’s word. Second, even though the aggressor stopped in front of Jerry, Jerry should have evaded him and drove off. It’s understandable that Jerry was afraid, but he did not have a clear “lethal” threat so, in that instance, had Jerry shot the aggressor, then this could have ended poorly for our co-member. So had Jerry left his vehicle to confront the guy, he could have possibly made his case more difficult because he would’ve been a co-aggressor instead of an innocent driver. Third, JBooth wanted to know about pulling a gun and when to use it. We should strive not to brandish a firearm unless there are clear threats to life. And every potential threat does not require a discharge of your firearm. Firearms training is needed here. Jerry was being verbally threatened, but there was reasonable protection between him and the aggressor while inside the vehicle, which he could have used to avoid the confrontation rather than get into a shoot out in public. If Jerry had killed the guy, he would still have to prove that there was a lethal threat, which can be difficult in this instance, as the aggressor did not have a weapon and standing outside Jerry’s vehicle. It would have been Jerry’s word only, but bystanders with cell phones are everywhere nowadays and if Jerry had given a contradictory statement that was not on video, he could be found guilty. It is great that we have “legal advice and assistance” through TLS, but this is not “gunfight insurance” so avoidance is the key until you have no other reasonable alternative. So goes the saying, if you would not go to a bad area or into a confrontation WITHOUT a gun, then you should not go there WITH one either. Nothing good happens once the guns come out. I’m not saying be a victim, I’m saying let’s all be smart.

  12. You can be arrested if you accidentally cut someone off driving down the road and they call 911 and say you pointed a gun at them. You don’t have a gun and the police stop you and they are scared because someone said you had a gun. Now you are stopped and no gun is found you might still be arrested just on the fact the other person said you pointed it at them. Now if you have your gun with you and the same thing happens the police will more than likely arrest you on the other persons word. Now, for me this is one of the reasons I belong to Texas Law Shield. You can’t be to safe anymore. When I was young you didn’t have lock your house up the way we do today.

  13. I’m curious, i also have Texas Law Shield. Gary & Barbara both have great points. The only way i can see Jerry was charged because the Da may have questioned the ideal. Why didn’t he go around and pull off and call the police once the aggressor dismounted his vehicle coming over and behaving unpredictable. Unless Jerry vehicle was totally blocked were he couldn’t move his vehicle. I don’t see why he was charged neither. But if he had an out, a way to go around maybe that’s why they charged him. I’m glad he came out ok. But still, i´m curious on why he had to go through it at all.
    Especially having Law Shield behind us..then what if it was murder..then what? Again, curious and also happy it worked out for Jerry.

  14. I understand that the primary purpose of these posts is to promote US Law Shield as a service with important benefits. It is without a doubt. As I am already a member, though, it serves in another capacity for me and that is education.

    The lack of certain details and a response to ANY of these comments yet from US Law Shield, after posting this article about a week and a half ago leaves me unsatisfied about why this individual was charged in the first place, certainly in the state of Texas, which is known to be a gun-rights friendly state. There must be something more that isn’t being told.

    I urge USLS to add a follow-up article in text format to explain the missing details and questions many of us have, or at least point to local newspaper articles to let us find the answers ourselves. How can we learn what went wrong if we don’t have the whole story?

  15. I am quite agree with Gary Johnson in comments. I wish we could hear from U.S Lawshield an expression in regard of this particular incident. Like what would be the best justification based upon the Texas law.

  16. I just finished a 6 month service on the Texas Grand Jury in my County. We had several cases come up and one like this would have been No Billed by us! I blame the misinformed Grand JURY that heard this case and indicted him with a True Bill!! Must have been a really IGNORANT Grand Jury on this one ! He should not have had to sit in jail 1 minute! I blame the officers as well!! If it had been an officer that guy that pulled in front of the officers vehicle would not have spent a second in jail! Sounds like a bad case all the way around.

  17. What lee says is right if that was a off dudy police officer he would not even got arested

  18. Great that Jerry was found not guilty but…what happened to the aggressor ?

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