Texas Gun LawArmed And Educated

Texas gun laws are more complicated than the twists and turns of the mighty Rio Grande, but they don’t have to be. New for 2020, the fourth edition of Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated covers all the tough questions and latest firearm laws every responsible gun owner needs to know.

Answers to state-specific questions:

  • When is deadly force legally justified in Texas?
  • I just shot someone – what do I do?
  • When can I defend myself against animals?
  • Where can I carry my firearm?

Get the answers you need to carry confidently from lawyers who have extensive knowledge about gun laws in the Lone Star State. Written in simple English (not legalese!), Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated explains complicated laws in a way everyone can understand. Learn and protect your rights now with Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated from Texas LawShield®.