Surprising Hurricane Harvey Heroes

Soaking wet and chilled to the bone, but not by cold, he circled his john boat back around to continue the civilian search-and-rescue mission. He had already pulled countless victims from rooftops and flooded roads, but there were still so many more in need. The scope of the devastation weighed heavily on him—especially the families with children.

U.S. & Texas LawShield Member J.D. is a resident of College Station with a wife, a 3-year-old daughter, and a newborn son. He is no stranger to hard times. A few years ago, J.D. was diagnosed with and aggressively treated for a rare form of cancer. His now-wife, as well as family, friends, and even strangers, came together to support him in his dark hours. He is now in remission—and ready to pay it forward.

Hurricane Harvey Brings Historic Flooding

Fast forward to Hurricane Harvey and the historic flooding it rained down on the Gulf Coast. J.D., like many other hunters and anglers, joined hundreds of other everyday citizens in search-and-rescue efforts. He had access to a small vessel perfectly suited for maneuvering the flooded streets of the Houston metroplex. Cries for help echoed across social-media platforms and emergency lines, and sportsmen such as J.D. launched into the floodwaters without hesitation. They did not ask how they could help, but rather where.

That heroism saved thousands. Alongside first responders, military rescuers, firefighters, state and out-of-state game wardens and park police, the sportsmen who spend their weekends on the lake answered the call and rose above and beyond what was asked of them. The hunting-and-fishing industry, through sportsmen and different wildlife agencies, contributed rescue vessels in a staggering rescue mission the likes of which we Americans don’t see often enough.

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We Will Rebuild

As the waters recede and we rebuild our great city, let us not forget the efforts of all Texans and our brothers and sisters across the nation who showed the world what Americans can do together in the face of tragedy.

Thank you, J.D., and thank you to all of our Hurricane Harvey Heroes. We hope you have as much luck with your fishing rod as you did with our neighbors.

Next time you see a bass boat filling up at the gas station, you may want to extend a “thank you.”

Do you have a Hurricane Harvey story to share? Please email [email protected]. Or, show your appreciation for these heroes’ efforts by commenting below.

First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute

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3 comments on “Surprising Hurricane Harvey Heroes

  1. Hurricane Harvey took many people in our area of Orange County Texas by surprise. The heavy amounts of rain flooded areas that no one in our particular town of Mauriceville, ever remember being flooded. All of the people who came to the aide of those trapped in flooded homes with boats, canoes and air boats we’re amazing. The National Guard have been working very hard to make sure everyone is safe and secure. They’ve handed out MREs, ice and water. There has been a Mobile Medical Unit set up to take care of people. These folks have been just outstanding. Others have come to set up and cook, just to make sure that people had a hot meal. To all of these who are helping-Thank You! Norma Stephenson

  2. This is American welfare at its finest, helping when and how we can. Thank you to all the J.D.’s who could be there, while the rest of us did what we could from where we were.

  3. Its a Godly thing to help persons in dire need. From all of us to All of you first responders “Thank YOU, and God bless you. Matt Fosdick ATX

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