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School’s out, the vacation time you’ve stocked up is burning a hole in your pocket, and friends and family are making plans to enjoy the nice weather—it’s summertime in Texas. Before you head to a swimming pool, beach, lake, or park, make sure you do your homework—especially if your plans take you beyond the borders of the Lone Star State.

Remember, every state has different laws, and you don’t want to see your gun rights wiped out by a simple mistake. Now, let’s take a look at some common mistakes made by Texans when it comes to carrying a gun while having fun in the sun.

Waterparks, summer concerts, & outdoor festivals

Waterparks, summer concerts, and outdoor festivals can be a fun family getaway, but these events are usually located on private property that is lawfully entitled to prohibit firearms. If you’re given effective notice at the entrance or while you’re within one of these locations, you must leave the area and secure your firearm before returning.

Rivers, lakes, beaches, & other public locations

When it comes to public locations like rivers, lakes, or beaches, you are generally allowed to carry your handgun with your valid LTC as if you were at any other public location.

However, there is an area where gun owners can get burned if they don’t pay attention: Army Corps of Engineers restricted property is generally a prohibited place for weapons, and your Texas LTC will not afford you extra protection.

Parks & Federal property

The next area we receive questions about: parks—whether they are municipal, state, or national. All of these areas are considered public places under the law, and with a valid LTC, you may legally carry your handgun. Keep in mind, however, that you will be prohibited from carrying your firearm into national park buildings and facilities.

Private Parties

Moving on, what if you’re invited to a pool party? Well, if a homeowner personally tells you they are uncomfortable with your firearm, you should respect their wishes—even if you’re helping with the grill. Either cut your visit short or secure your firearm in your vehicle or your home, and upon returning to the party, make the biggest cannonball splash possible.

For any questions about carrying while having fun in the sun, call Texas LawShield and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney.

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9 comments on “Don’t Get “Gun Burned” at the Beach This Summer | Texas

  1. With Texas LTC, may I legally carry while on my boat fishing on a Corp of Engineer’s lake, such as Lake Ray Roberts?

    My I carry while launching from a TPWD State Park’s boat ramp?

    My I carry while launching from a Corp of Engoneer’s boat ramp?

  2. “and upon returning to the party, make the biggest cannonball splash possible.”

    LOL… Nice Touch. 🙂

  3. Dear Law Shield,

    Thank you for the review of where I may carry and a heads-up on the Army Corps of Engineers areas where we should not carry.

    Scott Howerton

  4. Texas Law Shield, As a new LTC member, I look forward to learning as much as I can to be a responsible gun owner, LTC member, and to know my rights. Keep the good information coming. I enjoy the real life formats you present in the legal dos and don’ts.

  5. So In all the places we can’t carry our 2nd Amendment rights are flushed and the bad guys have the upper hand. Wonderful!!

  6. Thanks for any information that will help keep me a safe , informed and responsible LTC member. All information is appreciated

  7. Thank you, this was very informative and came at a perfect time

  8. The Army Corps of Engineers has been a law unto itself for a long time, even requiring formal Hunter safety training regardless of age in some cases, despite the the grandfather clause in the legislation for those born before the requirement came into effect. I expect it will require formal national legislation to have that property treated like the national parks, which also had to be fixed with specific legislation.

  9. Thank you for the reminders and your willingness to protect law abiding citizens.

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