How I Saved My Baby From Two Intruders

As you put your child to sleep and drift off beside them, the echo of a rattling doorknob rings out down the hallway. Watch how a mother defends the life of her baby within her own home in this week’s member story.

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10 comments on “How I Saved My Baby From Two Intruders

  1. Way to go Mom, thank God you took action! You should feel good for defending you’re baby, and yourself.
    I’m sure you are off the list of easy marks. Stay safe.

  2. As a single mom, this story empowered me even more. I’m glad I’m a member also and when I decided to purchase a gun for protection, my children were in mind. I’m one of those that will put myself in danger to protect kids. Good job Mom!!!!

  3. These kinds of situations scares me for my wife and 2 year old daughter when they are at home by themselves. I commend mom in this situation. I am trying to talk my wife in using a firearm to protect herself and our daughter also.

    Load and fire Mom on those who intrude in our home!

  4. I sure hope she hit one of them and the were caught. My name is Don USMC retired.

  5. Awesome Mom!!!

  6. Good reason to carry even when in your own home…You don’t always have time to go and open a safe to get your firearm when seconds count….Thank God this Mom was ready with a gun and U.S. Lawshield!

  7. Way to go. I love your quick action to protect tou amd your baby. I really thank God for US Law sheild and their actions to protect the gun owners. Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That’ the way you do it!

  9. Proud of that loving mother. We as parents will do everything to defend our love ones.

  10. A mother’s job is never done. Good job! Did they ever catch those two dirtbags?

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