The registration of firearms is a hot topic in Virginia. Currently, outside of firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA), there is no requirement to register your firearms to Virginia.

Even during times of emergency, such as during the COVID-19 crisis, Virginia does not require registration. This is a good thing for gun owners, as the prevailing wisdom seems to be that registration eventually leads to confiscation.

Proposed Changes

However, there have been multiple proposals suggesting the state create a registry of “assault weapons,” or weapons defined by statute as having certain identifiable features. There has not yet been a cognizable explanation of how such a registry would help prevent crime involving firearms. Such a registry would likely involve a fee for each weapon registered. Criminal offenses, including felonies, could be charged for failing to register a weapon.

In addition, universal background checks are coming to Virginia. While these checks do not actually create a registry, they certainly up the amount of information about gun owners that the government is able to access.

What to Do: Keep Records

Likewise, maintaining these records can be critical in assisting the police in recovering your firearms if they are ever stolen. Unfortunately, the recovery of a stolen gun does not mean a speedy return to its owner. Police can be slow to return guns to their rightful owners. Having copies of receipts and maintaining serial numbers will help provide the evidence needed for you and your attorney to get your guns back to you.

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