Rear-Ended Then Defended

Rear-Ended Then Defended Part 1

After a busy day at work, dad Jeremy just wanted to take his son to the park to play, but things went terribly wrong after he was rear-ended at an intersection.

Watch the video below to see Member Ambassador Sherry Hale, share another amazing U.S. LawShield member’s story.


Sherry: “Imagine you are driving with your family during your daily routine, when all of a sudden you are rear-ended. As you attempt to exchange information, the driver and passengers behind you become hostile, surrounding your car. In this story, our member Jeremy found himself defending not only his own life, but the life of his infant son.”

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Jeremy: “I had just picked up my son from day care. After a long day of work, I was excited to finally be able to spend some time with him and decided that we should head to the park.

Suddenly, as I stopped at an intersection, I noticed a car going a bit too fast behind me. I tried to change lanes but it was too late. The car rammed into the back of me.

Just as I was about to get out and exchange information, 3 men surrounded my car, one of them smashing my back window!

Fearing for mine and my son’s safety, I quickly grabbed my gun from the glove compartment and warned them to back off.

As they began to slowly step away, I got out of my truck and forced them into their vehicle until they left. After I called 911, I contacted the LawShield emergency hotline for immediate legal help.”


Sherry: “Jeremy took swift action to defend himself and his child. And after calling our emergency hotline to get immediate legal help, he was neither arrested nor charged with any crime. However, was the decision to leave his vehicle with a firearm in hand legal in your state?

Stay tuned for PART 2 when an independent program attorney will address the law where you live.”


Rear-Ended Then Defended Part 2

As you saw, no one was hurt, and our member Jeremy was neither arrested nor charged. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Next time, we will dive deeper into the law, where Independent Program Attorneys will explain the road rage self-defense laws from your state. Don’t miss Rear-Ended Then Defended Part 2!


What do you think?

Have you ever been in any sort of road-rage incident? What would you have done if you were in Jeremy’s shoes? What do you think about our Members’ Voice videos?

Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear your opinions!


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61 comments on “Rear-Ended Then Defended

  1. My best investment ever is membership with US Law Shield. My second best is a front and rear facing camcorder. It has been my experience that those who drive like the devil also lie like the devel.

    • I completely agree, Dave.

      do believe that just as some people should not own a firearm, there are also people who should not drive a car.

      I retired a few years ago and have not had much need to drive too much, especially in our “rush-hours” traffic.
      There are drivers out there who are absolutely insane.
      But every time I have driven in that traffic I became more and more convinced that not only should we all have a front-facing Dashcam, but we should have a rear one as well. Just watch all the Youtube videos of Road Rage and Dashcams and you will agree with Dave and me.

      All cars should be made with both front and read dash cams.

  2. I was at a stop sign in the legal position, a semi driver was making a left turn and couldn’t make the turn and got very angry jumped out of his truck running at my car really irate, my wife was in the car and rather than pull my gun I was able to back up and drive off.

    • If memory serves ( often it does not) when Texas first received the Concealed Hand Gun License, the first test was in Dallas. Seems two truckers came up to a red light at the same time but one of the trucks brushed a mirror on the other truck. The driver whose truck had been hit got out of his cab and proceeded to impart his feelings upon the offending driver. It escalated in that the offended driver decided to try to pull the offending driver out of his truck and had plans on severely beating the offending driver about the head and shoulders. It was at time that the offending driver produced his handgun and shot the other driver dead. The action was ruled justifiable homicide and no one went to jail to serve out a sentence. Looking back after several years, a man’s life was forfeit for a $50 mirror. But I doubt that is the end of that story. I have pulled a trigger against another human while in Viet Nam. I know I still have nightmares over that. Can you imagine the flash-backs that truck driver has? People. I carry a weapon and I have no doubt as to my ability to use it if need be. I can say one thing for sure – there will have to be a dire need present!

  3. I’m glad you will be posting part 2 according to state. I will also be asking at a seminar next month.
    Few thoughts, 1)you are out numbered. 2)you are a siiting duck with limited movement staying in car. Man with bat already has shown he can get to you,and not much aiming involved to hit someone sitting in one location. 3)if victim’s vehicle drivable, and not pinned in, drive off. Sounds bad but man behind vehicle could hurt pretty bad pinned between vehicles. One less threat. They coming to hurt infant/me. 4) car can become cover WHEN OUTSIDE OF IT don’t know what else bad guys have inside their vehicle. I’ll stop
    BOTTOM LINE: it is alot easier to think of what to do when, not in the situation, and afterwards. Adrenalin. I’m glad these get posted to get people to think.

  4. Thank you for sharing this real life story. I can relate, I spend over 30 hours a week driving and I can witness that it is indeed a jungle out there. Have to be on your high alert at all times.

    The only thing I would suggest is to keep the piece in a much more accessible spot than in the glove box. I am glad you were able to defend yourself and your child and that it all ended with no one getting hurt.

  5. Great to know we have coverage we can count on when we need it.

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