Protect Yourself or Your Child With Tuffy Packs

With the news filled with stories of workplace and school violence, our latest Member Perk could not be moreĀ timely. Give yourself the peace of mind that you and your child will be protected with Tuffy Packs’ ballistic shields for your backpack.

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2 comments on “Protect Yourself or Your Child With Tuffy Packs

  1. This sounds like a useful product, however is only level 3A. No protection from 5.56/223, which seems to be the caliber of choice these days.

  2. Sorry, but disagree. AR-15s have only been used in about 2% of the mass shootings since Columbine. Handguns are by far the weapon of choice for active shooters. In fact, a .22LR pistol was used in the shooting with the most fatalities with the exception of Las Vegas.

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