Take Our Poll: Should Gun-Safety Education Be Taught in Schools?

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Members: We’d like to hear from you about the topic of gun education in public schools. Should your children be introduced to gun safety through educational programs held at the elementary, middle school, or high school levels? Or is this kind of instruction something you would rather reserve for yourself?

“Gun education is currently not mandatory in any state as far as we know,” said U.S. & Texas LawShield® President Kirk Evans. “So this is a question that gets decided at the local level by parents who want what’s best for their kids.”

In the past two years Wisconsin, North Carolina, Idaho, and other state Legislatures have tried to pass bills that would have made a certain gun-safety program a mandatory part of the school curriculum. None of the bills were successful.

Certainly, many groups teach firearms safety to minors, including Project ChildSafe, sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, programs put on by Project Appleseed, the Boy Scouts, 4-H programs, and many others. But these programs are largely conducted outside the walls of schools.

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So let us know what your thoughts are on the topic of gun education in schools by leaving your comments in below or by participating in the poll:




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63 comments on “Take Our Poll: Should Gun-Safety Education Be Taught in Schools?

  1. I think that there should be a course on firearms especially States that have 90% of it’s residents that own and are responsible gun owners.Thid would teach them responsibility and right way to handle firearms.The 2nd amendment is a right for decent law bidiing citizens.They teach the constitution why not interpret the constitution for children.

  2. I think it’s a great idea teaching American kids about gun safety. Sometime or another our kids are going to come in contact with guns. So gun safety will be good for them. Better than no safety at all. Come on people wake up. There training kids overseas how to kill people with there guns.

  3. I believe that it is the parents’ job first and foremost to teach about guns, sex and drugs. However, most parents under the age of 40 now days are just letting the schools, tv, and electronics raise their children. Being a 30 year old of a toddler and an infant, I plan on raising them to know that guns are deadly and there is a time to play (range time) and a time for use of self defense. I’m only one of a few that will do that now. So yes, I believe that gun safety should be taught at schools and that it should be a required class. If the next generation knows how to treat and respect a deadly weapon, people wouldn’t be so scared of guns and there might not be as many shootings.

  4. Children have a natural curiosity about firearms. They should be taught early by knowledgeable individuals who have understanding of the children and the subject matter. At preschool age, they should be taught to avoid contact without an adult.
    Parents and the instructor must make some judgements along the way as to the maturity of the student. Steps should be decisive and practiced with an empty gun. Positive reinforcement can be very beneficial as dummy ammo is introduced.
    When it is felt the student is ready for live fire, it should begin with single shot exercises. The NRA Basic Pistol Course is an excellent introduction to live fire at any age.
    I believe the majority of kids today can be made ready for the Basis Pistol Class by the 5th or 6th grade if they have the interest.

    • My sentiments exactly! Well said sir! You said exactly what I was trying to say but couldn’t articulate as well as you!

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comments but I especially like the comment about the NRA I was not aware that the NRA offered this kind of class for children has a wonderful thing and that’s why the next thing I will do is update my register with the NRA thanks for letting me know this a little fact more about the NRA I like and now you put it out there hopefully everybody sees this involved schools and will option for an NRA class as a field trip would be excellent

  5. Yes. On another item, new legislation about domestic violence. This is the worst bill ever introduced. Most domestic violence cases are MISDEMEANORS! No person should have a constitutional right taken away for a misdemeanor. If this is allowed to stand then can you lose your rights for trespassing? Disturbing the peace? A most dangerous road indeed.

  6. I don’t mind the schools teaching it but the parents should be teaching it. It’s not the governments job to teach firearms, hunting etc.

    • Matt,
      You make a good point, however the idea is that every child would be taught a consistent curriculum and even the most well-meaning parent may skip a few important steps with their own child. Perhaps the NRA would be able to sponsor such training, but again I would definitely make it voluntary with parental permission and done at an off-site facility away from the school.

  7. I am 100% for it being taught in schools, because as more and more young people grow up not handling, using, or even seeing weapons it becomes more and more important to do so.

  8. Should your children be introduced to gun safety through educational programs held at the elementary, middle school, or high school levels?Absolutely! NSSF rules for firearms etiquette and safety SHOULD be taught – but only by elective and by parental approval. Otherwise, a mare’s nest of Left-wing hysteria – amplified by a gleeful media – will result.

    • Agreed, this is the common sense approach. (Although it is risky to make any assumptions that require common sense from the Texas legislature.)

  9. No, we have enough problems getting H.R. 38 passed.

  10. I would recommend that all kids get taught gun safety in school starting at the elementary level and continuing through high school. Though those of us that are responsible gun owners do this with our kids, there are many kids whose families do not own guns and those kids enter our homes and think they are toys or I to other family members without kids that own guns and again think they are toys or cool or whatever and accidents that could be avoided happen. Bottom line, if all kids are taught gun safety from an early age there would be potentially a lot less “accidental” shootings by kids.

  11. Being raised in the country in the Rio Grande Valley and being taught how to use guns at a very young age, I am, in general, still of that old school belief that kids should learn about guns whether it’s in school or at home. I guess the only reservations I have is “generation gap” related. Over the years things have changed so much since the 50s and 60s when I was growing up.

  12. Having grown up and gone to school back in the days of Eddie Eagle and a rifle team at the school, I strongly recommend it. We always had firearms in the house and a knowledge and respect for them takes away the wonder for a younger person which sadly can often lead to an accidental shooting of themselves or others.

  13. My mother taught me to shoot when I was 7 years old. I taught my children and taught them the effects of being shot. (Gallon jug hit with shotgun round is very demonstrative to a child’s mind.) While having schools teach it is an attractive idea it is less attractive if the hoplophobe members of the education system set out to warp the minds of their charges. Heaven forbid that a child should learn Texas History or Civics in school. They might actually become good citizens.
    So, yes, teach firearm handling and safety in school but require to teachers to actually know something about a firearm first!

  14. What about a parent leaving their weaon in the vehicle and their child drives off with the vehicle. Is the parent guilty, even though it cosealed and secured?

  15. Education is Key! The same people that will tell you that Sex Education is “responsible” or that teaching children what they will not learn at home is good… will tell you that teaching children firearm safety is dangerous: Think about that. Unfortunately, that argument can be used both for and against – but only because any education that is presented by government and teacher’s unions is bound to fall short of what it needs to be.

  16. Wake up people!!! Public schools teach LEFTIST PROPAGANDA. I dissagree with all of you saying public schools should teach our kids about guns and gun safety. As a proud 2nd ammendment gun owner I will teach my kids everything they need to know without the LEFTIST agenda being thrown at our kids. Our kids already have fake courses at schools. It might be called “Anti-Bullying Education” but it’s actually a rainbow flag group teaching our kids their ideas of sexual immorality. They teach “Cultural History” which teaches the pillars of Islam while sending your Chistian student home for saying Jesus loves you.

    • Starting with “Wake UP People!” might not be the best way to get a valid point across… (Tin Foil Hat much?)

      • You are the one I was telling to wake up. And when you criticize people for questioning Government agendas as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists, I feel sorry for you. Every Nation in History has gone overboard on it’s own people when it’s own people didn’t keep it in check.
        Out Country was created by people who wore tin hats about English rule.

      • Lol…I can see where is is coming from but need to tone down a bit!

    • That’s a wide brush you are painting with my friend.

      • Wide brush is for the department of education. I’m sure there are great teachers out there but when the government handles issues they ruin it. If you don’t see the Leftist majority in the education system and their push to our children then you also don’t see the bias in Hollywood, main stream media, and colleges either.

        If they are allowed to train our kids on guns they will push their own ideas to them and not your own.

        • The answer to this problem is educating the educator, so to speak, and to make them an ally rather than the antagonist. I think you would be pleasantly suprised at how many Pro2 teachers there are. I know my campus is full of them. We are ecstatic that we can now have our firearms in our vehicles in the parking lot without fear of dismissal. I think if you reflect on it, you will find that schools/districts view on this subject reflects the community it serves. In Texas, we have school “marshals” that can carry on campus, teacher that have been through training to do so in a school setting. In my district, we teach Firearm safety and Hunter Safety on EVERY middle school and High School campus. Argyle ISD DOES carry on campus. We have sporting clay teams and rifle teams in the high schools. I take my students hunting, and to the range. Does that sound like a liberal anti-firearm agenda? The approach we used to get to this point was rational and patient, and rather than attack, we worked to get to the point we are. This can be duplicated. It can work, and it can be done right. We are living proof.

          • I think what you’re doing is amazing. I’m worried that if its mandated it will be the Sandy Hook parents teaching this class.

  17. I think teaching kids about guns should be the parents responsibility. But so many parents these days, especially the younger ones, don’t know the basics themselves. I think any source of responsible safety training is a good thing. Even if it only serves to dispel the irrational fears that the media has created. Understanding what a gun honestly is and what it can or can’t do is a big step toward keeping everyone safe and can hopefully pave the way to more civil and rational interactions between the people who own guns and the people who only know what the media has told them. This may not be the final solution but its a place to start.

  18. I personally believe it’s an individual choice to teach a child gun safety, it can’t be left up to the schools. Will they pass out ammo to children like they do condoms
    and tell them to be safe. (Really) I personally taught my kids gun safety at the age of 5 until they were old enough to own a gun, now all 3 love the sport of shooting and all 3 own guns and shoot as often as possible. I am currently teaching my young grandchildren gun safety and shooting. So I am all for teaching a child gun safety but I can’t see leaving that job to a state institution. When it comes to Guns, Sex and Religion it should by parents or grandparents unfortunately many parents fall short in all these areas. Maybe a school for adults on how to be parents is in order.

    • you as a gun owner have the knowledge to teach your children. but not every parent is a gun owner. those children will only ever know what they see on tv and video games untill they are old enough to chose to learn on their own. unfortunately, they may come in contact with a real weapon before they are old enough. a little knowledge on what to do and not to do would not hurt them in school. safety training not range training should be the first step. they teach sex ed, and anti drugs, why not teach them the basics of gun safety as well.

  19. Interesting? I was raised around fire arms and my father was a small arms instructor in the USAF so firearms safety, handling and operation was an integrated part of my upbringing. I now am a grandfather and I am gladly accepting the role of firearms instruction for my grand children. However, for those children that do not have the benefit of a trained parent or grandparent I can see the introduction of weapons safety integrated in a health class. Initially, just to develop some type of awareness in the proper handling of firearms and to the ability to identify acts of improper handling of firearms by those around them. It is not the proper handling of a fire arm that causes harm so giving the children ways to mitigate the health risks would be beneficial.

  20. Yes firearms training should be available to students just like sex-ed, & driver-ed. It may also take away the forbidden fruit aspect of firearms and reduce the fear factor.

    • problem is – a gun safety course could also be used as a anti-gun indoctrination course as well. And all things considered would be. Imagine a course outline drafted by the Chicago School Board VIA Ron Emanuel or by one of Bloomberg’s groups.

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