coos-county-2a-ordinance-graphicLaw Shield admires the pushback of residents of Coos County, Oregon, who passed a ballot initiative with 61 percent of the vote in early November that requires their Sheriff to block the enforcement of state and federal gun laws that he thinks seem unconstitutional.

The 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance directs the Sheriff to decide whether certain state and federal gun laws violate the Second Amendment. If he thinks they do, the county is then banned from using any resources to enforce those laws.

Further, any county employee who violates the ordinance will be fined $2,000.

Ballot initiative sponsor Rob Taylor said he’s hoping for a court challenge.

“One of the reasons we enacted this measure is that we wanted to challenge [the state’s] background check law through the judicial process,” he said to The Daily Signal.

We predict Mr. Taylor will get his wish — unless this is never tested. Sheriff Craig Zanni was already steering clear of enforcing the background check law, and if 61 percent of the voters who put you in office want that, and more, to continue, there is limited recourse for gun prohibitionists to force Sheriff Zanni to act.