Not So Silent Night

Our Member Dalton heard a bump in the night, and it was not Santa and his reindeer delivering presents. Watch the video to hear Dalton’s story and how U.S. & Texas LawShield was able to make sure he did not have a blue Christmas. 

Sherry: We’ve all been there, a noise in the middle of the night startles us awake and puts us on high alert. Most of the time it’s nothing, but our Member Dalton found out sometime it really is a threatening situation. Here’s his story.

Dalton: I came home exhausted from work one night and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to a sound at my back door. It sounded like somebody was trying to break in. I didn’t know what it was, and I wasn’t about to risk my family’s safety. As I opened the back door, fearful of what was behind it. I froze when I saw two men staring back at me. I cocked my shotgun and fired.

I called the LawShield emergency hotline and was advised by my Independent Program Attorney all the way through the police investigation. No one was hurt and no charges were filed.

Sherry: Thanks to Dalton’s quick action and preparedness a life-threatening situation was avoided and his family was safe. U.S. & Texas LawShield protected him and gave him the confidence to react responsibly in defending his loved ones. Home invasions are frightening but know if you’re ever forced to defend yourself or others U.S. & Texas LawShield has you covered.

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7 comments on “Not So Silent Night

  1. 1. He opened the back door and saw two men standing there. Sounds like they had not broken in to his house yet. Was their mere presence on his property justification enough to use deadly force??

    2. He shot at the two men standing there. But at the end he says no one was hurt. Did he aim and miss at that close distance with a shotgun?? Or did he intend to miss, i.e., a warning shot ??

  2. I’m glad he did what he had to do to help himself & his family. Courage!
    Not a lot of people could do what he did no matter the circumstances.
    Great job defending your right to protect you & your family 🙏👍

  3. Might have been better to not open the door…why put yourself in harms way? Keep the doors locked, call 911 to get the police coming, and be ready to defend if they break in…
    If you wouldn’t open the door without a gun, DON’T open it just because you do have one… Glad he won the confrontation and had U.S. Lawshield for a time like this!

  4. Great job you never know what a strange noise can lead up to.

  5. First mistake, he opened the door!
    NEVER open the door.
    Let them open it, and be waiting for them from a position of advantage and COVER.
    Second mistake, he cocked his shotgun.
    Before the door gets opened, the weapon should be ready for immediate discharge.

  6. I take it we are to conclude that he fired a warning shot, since nobody was injured?

  7. Great ability to get out of a groggy state and make a good decision to protect your castle and family.

    I am going to a decision of pistol with flashlight/laser by the bedside, a shotgun leaned near the patio door and my 9mm rifle with flashlight by the front door.

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