North Dakota Attorney General Wayne StenehjemLaw Shield would like to advise our members that North Dakota has reached a reciprocity agreement with Minnesota.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem announced that effective immediately, North Dakota Class 1 Concealed Weapon Licenses are recognized in Minnesota, and Minnesota concealed carry permits are recognized in North Dakota.

“North Dakota Class 1 license holders now have reciprocity in thirty-nine states,” said Stenehjem.

Stenehjem’s office has been attempting to gain reciprocity with Minnesota for several years, through many legislative changes, but one word in Minnesota law stymied the efforts – “substantially.” Minnesota required another state’s laws to be substantially similar to its own. Earlier this year, however, the Minnesota legislature removed “substantially” from the requirement.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety determined North Dakota’s laws met the new standard.

“By removing one word, the Minnesota legislature at last made reciprocity between our states a possibility,” said Stenehjem. “Even before the bill had been finalized, my office contacted the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to renew efforts for reciprocity. I am very pleased by yesterday’s decision by the department.”

More information about North Dakota concealed carry laws is available on the Concealed Weapon license pages of the Attorney General’s website,