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2 comments on “No Gun? What Are My Self-Defense Options? | Colorado

  1. How about a knife size for Colorado for conceal? 3.5 inches? I have a ccp but I also was told it does not apply to larger knives. Is that true?

    • Hi David. Thanks for your question! Please see the below response from one of our Independent Program Attorneys in Colorado.

      “Colorado‚Äôs concealed carry laws limit possession of knives to a blade length of 3.5 inches or less. Note, however, in Colorado, concealed knives under 3.5 inches may still be unlawful if the prosecution can successfully prove the person carrying the knife did so with the intent to use the knife as a weapon. Further, a concealed knife longer than 3.5 inches is not unlawful if carried for hunting or fishing; however, this issue must be raised as an affirmative defense. A concealed weapon permit in Colorado applies only to concealed handguns, not other weapons. In other words, a Colorado concealed weapon permit does not give a person lawful authority to conceal a knife with a blade greater than 3.5 inches.”

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