National Legal Update: Hearing Protection Act Rolling Into Bigger Bill

The Hearing Protection Act has been attached to the SHARE Act, a sportsman’s omnibus bill with a lot of pro-gun features. Among those features, the SHARE Act (Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act) would do the following:

  1. Moves silencers/suppressors from Title II to Title I status.
  2. Enhances the Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA) language to include travel by means other than vehicles.
  3. Creates remedies against states that violate the safe travel provisions, including a cause of action and attorneys fees.
  4. Eliminates the sporting-purposes language from the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the law on armor-piercing ammunition.
  5. Creates a blanket exception for shotguns to prevent arbitrary reclassification as destructive devices.

“The Hearing Protection Act has been one of the most important bills for sportsmen and women this Congress, which is why it’s common sense for it to be included in this year’s sportsman’s legislative package,” Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) Duncan, the bill’s sponsor, told POLITICO. “By changing the outdated regulation of suppressors to an instant background check, just like the requirements to purchase a typical firearm, I hope the sportsmen and women in the United States will have greater access to noise reduction technology as they carry the hunting and recreational shooting tradition to future generations.”

“If this bill passes,” said Texas & U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington, “it will make suppressors Title I items like firearms—that is, not National Firearms Act devices—which means they will become more common and more widely transported. However, at least 10 states will likely ban suppressors even if this becomes law. About the same number of states have some kind of restriction on ammunition-feeding devices, also known as magazines. FOPA safe travel won’t do us much good if gun owners can still be arrested for magazines and accessories.”

“Attaching the HPA to a bill that should be easier to pass suggests that Congressional Republicans may have become serious about actually passing this,” she said. “Passing this bill would be a big win.” —Texas & U.S. Law Shield Staff

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5 comments on “National Legal Update: Hearing Protection Act Rolling Into Bigger Bill

  1. I am against the NRA legislation NO ONE needs Silencers on guns. I am also against the NRA if it wouldnt be for them the murder rated would be down by 75%.I have been a concealed carry person for at least 30 years way before it was legal in Missouri.

    • Its not a silencer its a supressor. It only slightly quiets the gun it does not silence it. Have you ever used one? I haven’t even been alive 30 years get your facts together before you oppose somthing because your not informed.

  2. What is that status on National Carry Permit

  3. Sorry Micky but that doesn’t wash! If you, the legal concealed carry person can carry, why can’t I utilize hearing protection? Maybe it would be better if I was deaf, huh? I question whether you’ve carried at all with your NRA murder down by 75% comment. What do you carry, a water pistol?

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