Missouri Gun Sales Increase While Permits Decrease

missouri carry permitGun sales in Missouri are seeing a spike while the number of permit applications fall, thanks to a new law that no longer requires residents to have a permit when carrying a concealed firearm.

Highway Patrol data on concealed carry permits show submissions numbered fewer than 1,600 in December 2016. That’s the smallest number processed in the three years of available dating back to January 2014.

No permit is necessary to carry a concealed handgun under these terms of Missouri law.

The 2016 law, SB 656, changing the conceal carry requirements leaves intact the conceal carry permitting system for persons who wish to participate in reciprocal concealed carry permit agreements when traveling to other states

Lawmakers and law enforcement officials say the drop was expected because of the new law.

Republican Cole County Sheriff John Wheeler says he still encourages people to get permits. He says they allow gun holders to carry in states with reciprocal agreements.

Wheeler also says training is helpful for understanding other gun laws and how to act in situations where holders might need to use firearms for defense.

The number of permit applications in Jasper County has dropped a total of 94 percent after the Legislature moved to get rid of the concealed-carry permit requirement, the Joplin Globe reported.

In order to get a permit, residents have to pass a background check and undergo eight hours of firearms training. The FBI still conducted 8 percent more background checks on would-be gun owners last year than in 2015, a record high in Missouri, according to agency statistics.


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  1. The law is to allow a person to conceal carry only where they were allowed to open carry. A person with a conceal carry permit is able to carry in more locations. If you want to be able to carry more locations then you are better off getting the CCW Permit. Plus you don’t have anything to worry about if the law were to get changed.

  2. Concealed carry permits, application requirements–approval procedures–issuance, when–information on permit–fees.
    (1) Is at least nineteen** years of age, is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and either:
    (a) Has assumed residency in this state; or
    (b) Is a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Missouri, or the spouse of such member of the military;
    (2) Is at least nineteen** years of age, or is at least eighteen years of age and a member of the United States Armed Forces or honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces, and is a citizen of the United States and either:
    (a) Has assumed residency in this state;
    (b) Is a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Missouri; or
    (c) The spouse of such member of the military stationed in Missouri and nineteen** years of age;

    Your 3rd paragraph is incorrect. RSMo 571

    • Because the terms are lengthy, we modified the paragraph to include a link to the statute itself.

  3. It’s giving us enough room too hang ourself.
    Giving folk the opportunity too carry w/o training is stupid, and give city father away out: “see we gave them the ok to carry and look what happened ..!”

    Get the training and the CCW permit

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