Gun Legislation Update from the Show Me State

U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney John Schleiffarth breaks down pending Missouri gun legislation in the video below.



Pending Missouri gun legislation transcript:

Hi, I’m John Schleiffarth, Independent Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield in Missouri.

I’m coming to you with a legislative update about proposed bills that could become law in Missouri.

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The first one I want to talk about is House Bill 458.gun legislation missouri

House Bill 458 would add additional protections for citizens who own firearms and would like to keep them in their car on an employer-owned parking lot. The bill would prevent employers from retaliating against employees who have guns that they bring with them in their cars to work.

This is a good bill. It looks like it may pass.

The next bill I’d like to discuss is House Bill 185. House Bill 185 has been proposed to create harsh new penalties against gun owners who don’t quickly report a lost or stolen firearm to

the state. Those harsh new penalties could even include jail time.

I’m opposed to this bill and I don’t think this bill will make it into law. However, we’re going to keep an eye on it.

The final bill I like to discuss is House Bill 366. House Bill 366 with that extra unnecessary steps to the purchase of a firearm in Missouri. This bill does not have a lot of support. I don’t see it getting out of committee. I don’t see it passing. That’s a good thing for Missouri.


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3 comments on “Gun Legislation Update from the Show Me State

  1. Thank you. I appreciate the update!

  2. Thank you for your information.

  3. Not addressing the subject matter, just the legislative process for Missouri…. When our state legislative session ends each May, the bills are dead. So all the bills from last session and the bill numbers are no longer relevant. For example, HB 458 passed out of committee, and then passed out of the Rules Committee, but it never made it to the floor of the House and died; and HB 185 and HB 366 both were referred to committee, never were heard and died in committee.

    Though of course, any bills from a prior legislative session may be filed as new bills for next session, but they will be new bills, may have different language and will have new bill numbers. The process will start all over again for next session, which begins in early Jan. 2018. New bills may be pre-filed Dec. 1, 2017, and then will be introduced when session begins in early January. They will be introduced and first read and then second read and referred to committee (if they are referred to committee).

    As you know, firearms friendly bills are likely to move or at least get assigned to and heard in committee, those that are not firearms friendly will not move (would not see them getting out of committee, if they even make it to a committee) given the makeup of our MO state legislature, which currently has R super-majorities in both chambers.

    (p.s. I was a lobbyist for over 25 years in MO so couldn’t help but share more dets on our process)

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