Texas Law Shield Members enjoy a variety of Member Perks, an exclusive discount program for TLS and USLS members.

Click the video below to see Member Ambassador Sherry Hale outline one perk a Member used to save thousands of dollars on the price of a new truck.

You must log into your member portal to see the great deals offered. If you are having trouble logging into your member portal, please contact member services at (877) 474-7184.

To get online access in Texas, Texas Members click here to go to the Texas Member Perks Page.

To get online access outside Texas, U.S. Law Shield Members click here to go to the U.S. Law Shield Member Perks Page.

Then “allow” the page to use your location so you can see the closest perks to you.

Member Perks are another great reason to be a member of Texas and U.S. Law Shield.