Congratulations Emily Taylor – Outstanding Independent Program Attorney of the Year Award Recipient!

U.S. LawShield would like to congratulate Texas LawShield Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor for receiving the “Outstanding Independent Program Attorney of the Year Award,” presented to her at the American Council of Second Amendment Lawyers (“ACSAL”) annual meeting by U.S. LawShield Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Randy Macchi.

ACSAL is a 2A-friendly, nonprofit corporation comprised of a national network of attorneys who strive to preserve and protect the Second Amendment.

As chairwoman of ACSAL and Independent Program Attorney for Texas LawShield, Ms. Taylor fights every single day to preserve the right to keep and bear arms — not only through her tireless efforts for her clients and Texas LawShield members, but also through her years of consistently providing invaluable testimony to various legislative bodies regarding self-defense laws.

If you are ever involved in a self-defense incident, incredible Independent Program Attorneys like Emily Taylor will be your strong advocate in the courtroom. Congratulations Emily!


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10 comments on “Congratulations Emily Taylor – Outstanding Independent Program Attorney of the Year Award Recipient!

  1. I saw Emily on Fox News the other day explaining ‘Universal Background Checks’. She did an excellent job, including explaining the Brady Bill that created NICS had in it that private party sales were not included in NICS and it was passed by a Democrat Congress (both houses) and signed by a Democrat president.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. I am an Independent contractor with TLS and have worked with Emily on a couple of occasions. She is great! Congratulations to her for keeping all of us legal.

  4. Congratulations, Emily! I always enjoy the videos that you do explaining different aspects of concealed carry. Keep up the good work!

  5. I like to also congratulate Emily Taylor I’m a resent gun owner and it I have to use my gun for self defense it is nice to know I have a legal help in my case cause I don’t want to go to jail for defending my self it is a good feeling I have somebody to back me up if need it I’m glad Miss Taylor is on law abiding citizens side I’m very happy for miss Taylor

  6. Congratulations Ms. Emily Taylor!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! It is most reassuring
    To know we have an attorney of Ms. Taylor’s caliber of needed! Outstanding!

  8. congratulations emily, please keep up the good fight.

  9. GREAT JOB Young Lady! Thank you for the hard work you have put in and may your health and successes in life continue to serve you well!!!

  10. Congratulations, Ms. Taylor. I’m glad you are on our side!

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