Senate Bill 948 in Virginia would have prohibited certain out-of-state police agencies from accessing information regarding concealed weapon permits issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The measure would have blocked states like neighboring Maryland from accessing concealed weapon permit data from the Virginia Criminal Information Network. Maryland does not recognize concealed handgun permits issued by Old Dominion, so the state’s lawmakers are concerned that Maryland State Police will use the data to harass Virginia concealed handgun permitees.

Despite passage in both of Virgina’s legislative chambers, including the House of Delegates which passed the measure with a 2:1 ratio, Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed the bill on March 27th.

This is unfortunate since Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William, told Capital News Service, “It’s the policy of entrapment that has been used based on the concealed carry exchange information that has precipitated this.”

Where do you stand on this idea? Should Virginia block access to its permit-holders’ names to protect them from harassment in a gun-unfriendly state; or does it put Maryland law enforcement officers at risk? Despite the Governor’s veto in Virginia, should other states consider similar measures? Let us hear from you in the comments section.

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