Law Shield’s Multi-State members may be interested to learn that one of the architects of the state’s gun-ban legislation was recently primaried out of office, according to the gun-rights group Connecticut Carry. John McKinney, a candidate for governor, lost in the state primaries.

“We will not stop until all politicians who voted for the 2013 gun ban are in the unemployment line. Never forgive, never forget. Vote them out,” said Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess.

In a release, Burgess said Connecticut gun owners had used their votes to tell McKinney he was “unfit for office,” like other legislators who voted for the 2013 gun ban.

In the case of John McKinney, he not only voted for the 2013 gun ban, he was also an architect of it, Burgess said. “For these reasons, it was extremely important to make sure that John McKinney was defeated early in the election process to show that politicians that vote for anti-rights bills will die a quick political death.”

Connecticut Carry has released a list of politicians and their votes for the 2013 gun ban.