Our Law Shield members are probably familiar with the too-often-told tale of a convenience-store employee who protects self or store with a handgun then gets dismissed because a company policy outlaws self-defense.

That’s not the case with Troy Lamkin, the owner of Lamkin’s Liquor at 4328 Highway 79 S in Stephens, Arkansas.

His employees fended off two robbery attempts recently, one with gunfire.

First, a man wearing a hoodie and a handkerchief over his face rushed the locked door of the closed store and unsuccessfully tried to break through it. The employees notice he has a gun and a sack and call the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office.

A few minutes later, the alleged intruder tries to rush the door again, at which point, Lamkin said, “My employee goes to shooting.”

Lamkin wants criminals to know that his employees are armed and will defend themselves.

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