'In a Manner Calculated to Alarm'

Watch Sam Malone and Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington discuss the protest at the Sam Houston statue in Houston this weekend and learn how the phrase “in a manner calculated to alarm” could be very important if you choose to open carry a rifle or handgun at such demonstrations.




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6 comments on “'In a Manner Calculated to Alarm'

  1. In my opinion, if a person knows and should know that the long rifle is to be carried strapped across the back, then that person is purposely defying the law and that in itself is alarming. I would be inclined to defend myself against such action because I have no way of knowing what that petson intends to do next. He is “at ready” I will be at Condition Orange.”

  2. While I sympathize with Antonio when someone appears to be aiming their weapon at another person – especially towards me – according to the video the LAW says that carrying the weapon in various modes is perfectly leagal.

    POINTING the weapon at someone would probably be universally considered “a manner calculated to alarm”. Holding it in you hands does NOT qualify.

    The video has great information.

  3. Video did not comment on if the ar magazine was loaded and/ or if there was a round in the chamber. Can the ar be loaded and ready to fire merely by deactivating the safety?

  4. Nothing says the rifle should or has to be carried on the back. If you are scared because it is at ready and you are willing to defend yourself from someone who is doing nothing wrong then maybe you should not be carrying a firearm at all. I am more scared of uneducated person carrying firearms than I am someone exercising their right as a citizen. Quit freaking out about guns and embrace your rights given by god and the founding fathers of this great country.

    • Scared? Freaking out? Uneducated? Apparently my opinion was misconstrued and filled in by someone who does not know me at all; not one iota. Been in a quick draw or a firefight lately? That is no time for second guessing. In a scenario where someone is approaching me with an AR carried in front AND at the ready I also will place my hand on my gun and “at the ready”…too many knuckleheads out there that are willing to drop someone because of their skin color, religion, political affiliation, or just plain woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Scared, nah. Stupid? nope, cautious? 100%

  5. very well stated, but I can see how just the sight of you caring in public a long gun or hand gun in a holster could be alarming.
    I love TEXAS, because we do have the right to carry… even in the State Capital its allowed.

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