Our multi-state Law Shield members should know that effective July 1, 2014, an Idaho law dealing with carry on public college or university campuses went into effect.

In Idaho, Senate Bill 1254 permits qualified retired law enforcement officers and law-abiding adults who have obtained an Idaho enhanced license to carry a concealed weapon to possess a concealed firearm on public college or university campuses.

Two exceptions to the law prohibit the possession of a firearm in a student dormitory or residence hall as well as prohibiting the possession of a firearm at any entertainment or sports facility that has the capacity to seat 1,000 people.

The Idaho enhanced conceal carry permit is accepted by more surrounding states than the Idaho Basic permit.

For our members who travel outside of Texas with a firearm, the Texas Law Shield Firearms Program offers a multi-state option. Through our network of lawyers and law firms our Texas Law Shield members receive the same legal benefits under the program as they enjoy in Texas.