Hurricane brings the best and worst out of people

During the recent storms that struck Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, your attorney hotline has been busy helping members that have been forced to abandon their guns as they leave their flooded homes, who were worried about the threat of gun confiscation, or have had to defend their property from looters. Texas & U.S. Law Shield was there to help.

“Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma devastated the Texas and Florida coasts causing unprecedented damage. During difficult times like these, we tend to experience the best out of people, as seen in countless heroic images of neighbor helping neighbor.

However, these events can also bring out the worst out of people, seeking to take advantage when you are the most vulnerable.

From the moment rain and wind started, calls have been pouring into our attorney answered emergency hotline from members who were forced to abandon guns in their homes overtaken by flood waters as well as members who have had to protect their property from looting. Our member, John, was one of those callers after he was forced to use his gun.  Here is his story.

During Harvey, John and his son were combatting the water that continued to rise in their home. Suddenly, John noticed a truck driving up and down the street, creating wakes. Each time the truck passed, it pushed more water into John’s home.

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As the truck was coming back around, John’s son went out to confront the driver and ask him to stop. John didn’t recognize the truck as being from the neighborhood and was worried the driver might be casing the street looking for an opportunity to loot empty houses. Responsibly and legally armed, he followed his son outside.

As John walked toward the truck, the bad guy started accelerating straight at his son. John, fearing for his son’s safety, fired a single shot in order to startle the driver and give his son time to move.

When police arrived, they intended to arrest John for Deadly Conduct. He called the LawShield emergency hotline and was immediately advised by his Independent Program Attorney. After the attorney talked to the police, they determined that a crime had not been committed because John acted in lawful defense of his son.

Thank goodness John is a LawShield member and knew exactly what to do when the police arrived.  We were there for John when he needed us most and we are here for you 24/7 with our attorney-answered emergency hotline.”

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5 comments on “Hurricane brings the best and worst out of people

  1. “That’s exactly why I am a member”….

  2. John is commended for his quick action that may have saved his son’s life. This incident bothers me because the police were not properly trained or used excessive force when they prepared to arrest John for Deadly Conduct. Of course Texas Law Shield saved the day but the officer/s should be reprimanded in writing and a copy placed permanently in their personnel file.

    • “Not properly trained”, I’ll buy but where in this story did you find “the police … used excessive force”? In fact, I have trouble understanding how John was able to call Texas Law Shield if the police had used any force at all.

    • YES! AND I think citizens need to know what happened and that the officer was reprimanded. These acts would not be known were I not a member of Texas Law Shield. And that’s a shame.

  3. Here in Orange County we were affected by Harvey’s flood waters as well with areas receiving 50+ inches of rain. With the county being declared a disaster area it allowed other counties to send help along with help from the National Guard. I saw highway patrol, police, county deputies and firemen from many other areas. Along with an Army group coming from El Paso.

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