In our last newsletter, you heard from Independent Program Attorney Edwin Walker on what was legal and not legal to add to your gun under federal. This newsletter Independent Program Attorney Justin McShane is here to tell you what attachments are legal and not legal to add to your firearm under state law.

So attorney Walker was walking you through the federal restrictions when it comes particularly to handguns and accessories.
In Pennsylvania, it’s really simple you can do anything you want. So you can add on an RMR red dot. You can take off your sights. You can put on night sights. You can put a laser on. You can put a stroking light on. You can do just about basically anything that doesn’t turn it into an AOW (any other weapon), or turns it into anything of that type of NFA control component.
So Pennsylvania have at it. You can be as tactical as you want, put rails on top of rails on top of rails with accessories. It doesn’t matter that’s the benefit of the living in Pennsylvania.