H&K Launches New Striker-Fired VP9 Pistol

Law Shield wants to pass along to our members that another striker-fired 9mm pistol is available. Heckler & Koch introduced its new striker-fired pistol, the 9mm VP9, to the U.S. commercial and law-enforcement markets today.

The VP9 has been in development for more than four years, and its debut marks the return of HK to striker-fired models. Heckler & Koch pioneered striker-fired handgun designs with the HK VP70 and P7 pistols more than 35 years ago.

Michael Holley, HK-USA vice president for commercial and law enforcement sales, claimed that the VP9’s trigger has a short, light take-up and solid break followed by a short positive reset.

Also, the VP9 grip can be customized to fit any shooter by using a mix of three interchangeable backstraps and six grip panels, allowing for 27 unique grip configurations. Older shooters or shooters with hand-strength compromises may want to examine the pistol’s charging-support inserts, which are said to make manipulating the slide much easier.

Covered by Heckler & Koch’s limited lifetime warranty, the VP9 is designed and manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany. MSRP: $719. Widespread availability is slated for July 2014.

First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute

As always, Law Shield doesn’t endorse products, we just like to keep our members informed.

First Aid for Gunshot Wounds 2A Institute
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