Rejina Sincic, self-described as an Indian film director and screenwriter based in San Francisco, produced and released an eye-poppingly dangerous and foolish public-service-announcement video that advises kids to take their parents’ guns to schools and turn the firearms in.

It doesn’t take a lawyer to tell you that not only does advocating such action break nearly every cardinal gun-safety rule, such actions by a youngster would expose him to probable criminal sanctions.

To the best of our knowledge, “a video said I should” is not an exception in the law or a defense if kids bring their parents’ guns to school.

Sincic released the anti-gun PSA under the title of “Stop Gun Violence.” The description of the YouTube video says, “Violent crimes have been committed by children who wrongfully had access to firearms. Society as a whole should take stricter measure to keep guns out of hands of children.”

She doesn’t scratch the surface of the bigger issue — that many thousands more violent crimes are committed against people who lack effective means of self defense.