Guns and School Zones: What is the Law in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has both state and federal considerations that come into play when you are looking at laws pertaining to guns and school zones.

Federal Law

Currently the law considers within 1,000 feet as a gun-free school zone. It doesn’t apply to people that have a valid license to carry a firearm or if it’s private property within the zone, such as a house or a private business within that area.

Pennsylvania Law

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Technically, under the law, a gun or a firearm of any type is a no-go in the schools areas on school property. It means even the soccer field that’s adjacent to it, or the church group that meets there on Sunday.

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1 comments on “Guns and School Zones: What is the Law in Pennsylvania?

  1. What about the recent legal rulings on “For any lawful means” in regards to weapons on school property?

    It has been my understanding, even from talking to people engaged with the legal side of things, that this is still a grey area, ie, its not politically kosher, but at the same time, is legal.

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