states-1-thru-5Every year, Guns & Ammo Magazine ranks what it deems are the “Best States for Gun Owners,” and the majority of G&A’s readers’ comments focus on state laws relating to concealed carry. Since 2013, G&A has also ranked the “Best States for Concealed Carry,” and those latter rankings are now available here.

Our home state of Texas now ranks No. 14 on the Concealed Carry listing, a slight move down the G&A rankings from 12th in 2014 and back to the state’s original ranking of 14th in 2013. This is odd because legislation has recently been passed that will make colleges and universities potentially legal for concealed carry starting next year, and cities are restricted from enforcing some prohibitions on where citizens can carry.

The best states for Concealed Carry in the G&A rankings are 1) Arizona, 2) Kansas, 3) Utah, 4) Alaska, and 5) Wyoming.

Where does your state rank, and what changes would you most like to see in 2016?