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You must register a firearm purchased in your name

Our top, number one myth when we get the phone call is, “Hey, I’ve got this long gun, and I just bought it from my next-door neighbor,” and the next question becomes, “How do I register it in my name?”

It is actually against both federal and state law for there to be any sort of registry whatsoever when it comes to firearms, in Pennsylvania or nationally.


It is illegal to carry a firearm in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city of the first class, and that is what makes it different than every other city or place in Pennsylvania.

It has its own rules under the Uniform Firearms Act, but the only true difference has to do with open carry. By default, Pennsylvania is an open carry state. That means you can openly carry a firearm without a license to carry a firearm. That’s the default. That only changes when it comes to Philadelphia. In order for you to open carry in Philadelphia, you have to have a license to carry a firearm, because it’s a city of the first class (because it has over a million people).

When it comes to Philadelphia, there are some practical considerations that you should consider. It is a notoriously gun unfriendly jurisdiction, in dealing with either the authorities or the district attorney’s office, so you should be very aware of that.

If you have a license to carry a firearm, it is good everywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.


You cannot carry a firearm in your place of worship

The law says very simply, if it is a standalone (meaning non-educational facility or no K-12 as recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education), there is no state or federal law that prohibits you to have a firearm in it simply because it is a place of worship.

When it comes to policies, your particular place of worship is just like any other private property. They can forbid you access.

If you remain, then you are subject to defiant trespass. It does not cancel your concealed carry license or your license to carry a firearm.

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