Sunday afternoon in the Walmart parking lot in Shawnee, Kansas, a woman was putting her child in the car seat when two men approached her, struck her in the head from behind, and began attacking her.

One bystander, a 33-year-old veteran, jumped out of his car and came to her aid and was shot multiple times in the face and chest for his efforts.

A second good Samaritan also came to her aid, but he was armed.  He shot and killed one of the attackers and the second fled the scene. He received minor injuries in the fracas, but was treated at a local hospital and released.

The woman was also treated and released from the hospital while the 33-year-old victim is recovering in the hospital following surgery.  He is expected to recover.

After being interviewed by the police, the second Samaritan, who has not been identified, was released with no charges being filed against him.

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What would you have done had you observed the attack?