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I don’t have a license to carry in Texas, but I understand I am allowed to have my firearm concealed in my motor vehicle without a license to carry. Am I allowed to do this if I am dropping my son off at school? I guess I’m really wondering if the “parking lot” is off limits if a place has a sign prohibiting firearms. And what about my employer’s parking lot?

A Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney replied, “You are correct that Texas law allows unlicensed individuals (who are not prohibited from possession by another law) to possess concealed firearms in their vehicle regardless of whether or not they possess an LTC. However, federal law prohibits the possession of a firearm in a school zone under 18 USC 922. Those with an LTC in Texas are excluded from this law. Without a license, the law requires that the firearm be unloaded and in a locked container.

“Other than school zones and federal property such as the post office or a VA hospital, where parking lots are prohibited, you should not have a problem keeping your firearm in your vehicle in the parking lot without an LTC. Keep in mind that at this time, if your employer prohibits the possession of a firearm in their parking lot, then you do risk termination if you violate this company policy. Even though there is a law in Texas that attempts to stop employers from making this sort of prohibition, the legislature did not add a penalty in the law and therefore we do not have method of enforcement.”

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