With the upcoming election, we at U.S. Law Shield thought it important to remind our members as to the laws in their state regarding firearms at polling places. We turned to U.S. Law Shield of Florida Independent Program Attorney James Phillips for his input.

Here is what Phillips has to say:

“Florida Statute 790.06(12)(a)(6) prohibits a CWFL holder from carrying a firearm concealed at any polling place.

“It is important to be cognizant of this law as polling places routinely pop up in places that a CWFL would otherwise be allowed to carry concealed on a routine basis.
“Florida statute 101.71(4) requires polling places to be conspicuously identified by a sign on or near the polling place premises. The sign must be large enough to be clearly visible to people passing by the location in a vehicle and lettering on the sign must be 3 inches high or higher.

“Furthermore, the polling center must have the sign designating it as a polling center displayed at all times while the polls are open.”

So there you have it. You cannot carry a concealed firearm into any polling place, so you must be certain that the building you are entering is not being used as a polling place.