Colorado Switchblade and Gravity Knife Ban Repealed

Switchblades and gravity knives have been illegal in Colorado since 1963.
Automatic and gravity knives, like this one, have been illegal in Colorado since 1963.

Colorado was one of only nine states where switchblades and gravity knives were outlawed, that is, until Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recently signed SB17-008 repealing the ban. Switchblades had been illegal since 1963.

The Senate bill was sponsored by Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs). As The Gazette reports, the bill’s House sponsor, Steve Lebsock (D-Thornton) wielded a huge kitchen knife during hearings, and told committee members that, “This knife to me, that cuts carrots and potatoes, is much scarier to me than this little knife with a button.”

Todd Rathner, who advocates for the group Knife Rights said this to The Gazette regarding the ban, “It’s an odd law. And it originates from when old codgers in the legislature were concerned about the hoodlums and gangs they saw in movies such as West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause.”

A “switchblade” also known as an automatic folding knife, has an spring-assisted opening mechanism, usually triggered with the push of a button. As the name implies, gravity knives use gravity to quickly deploy a blade.

The bill was supported by the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Colorado, and County Sheriffs of Colorado. Knife Rights assisted the bill’s sponsors in moving it through the legislature.

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Though the ban is repealed, automatic knives are still subject to Colorado’s concealed carry blade length limitation of 3.5 inches or less, and a significant number of municipalities in Colorado still have bans on “switchblades” on the books. Colorado does not have state knife law preemption. Blackjacks, gas guns and metallic knuckles remain banned statewide.

—By Warren Berg, Contributor, U.S. & Texas LawShield® Blog

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7 comments on “Colorado Switchblade and Gravity Knife Ban Repealed

  1. Definitely a move in the right direction, but wish they were able to go state wide. Severe arthritis in both thumbs makes operation of a folding knife near impossible, unless it’s push button.

  2. Out the front knives might be considered a ballistic knife under the Colorado statute. Written as blade projects from the handle.Beware!

  3. Totally unhelpful law since most major city/municipalities still outlaw any automatic knives. This supposed new law is essentially useless! Instead of telling how great of a job was done how about getting real change passed.

  4. It would be nice to know where that 3 1/2″ is measured from.

  5. Thanks for the information. I got a nice Benchmade at Sportsman’s Warehouse. A little expensive $200 but made in the USA great quality.

  6. I am glad that the law has finally changed,but since it is a state law those bastion that are e holding out should be made to comply with the state new stature to and that there be no exceptions. Otherwise this is just a token law that the state is not willing to enforce

  7. I have a Colorado (and Utah) concealed carry permit. Is it legal for me to keep a large (10 inch blade) non-folding hunting / survival knife under the front seat of my car?

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