Is your house of worshipunder attack?

With active shooter incidents on the rise, it may be up to you or the person in the pew next to you to take up arms and defend your fellow man.

God willing, you will never have to endure such a traumatic experience. But if you do, we want to make sure you and those in your congregation are prepared to face this life-threatening situation.

Request a FREE Active Shooting seminar at your place of worship and you’ll receive real-life knowledge from law enforcement professionals trained to handle these types of situations. In addition, our Independent Program Attorneys will provide critical legal insight, so you are prepared for the legal aftermath.

Jack’s Story: Saving his Flock

When a gunman opened fire at his Texas church, firearms instructor and LawShield member Jack Wilson sprung into action to heroically save countless lives in his congregation. Being a member gave Jack the confidence and knowledge he needed to act quickly without fear of the legal aftermath.

If your congregation is ever faced with an active shooter situation like Jack’s, the right kind of training could potentially save your life. U.S. LawShield offers additional seminars and hands-on training classes at no cost for you and your group that touch on topics like:

  • Emergency First Aid for Gunshot Wounds
  • Firearms Simulation Training
  • The Legally Justified Use of Force and Deadly Force
  • …and more

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