5 Must-Know Tips When Calling 911

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Members, your Independent Program Attorneys’ years of cumulative experience defending thousands of members has led to some critical tips for any 911 call regarding self-defense. Here are 5 must-know tips from your Independent Program Attorney before you call 911.

First, if you use or display your gun, call 911. DO NOT DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE OPERATOR.

Second, only give the operator information that is needed for them to send help:

  • Your name and that you are the victim of a crime;
  • The location of your emergency;
  • What services are needed (police, EMS, or fire);
  • A general description of what you are wearing to avoid any confusion by police when they arrive (i.e., you are a six-foot-tall male wearing a green jacket and brown pants);
  • Essential logistical information you may need to convey (i.e., you have the intruder held at gunpoint in your living room—please don’t accidentally shoot me, the homeowner), but as little as you can.

Third, every 911 call is recorded and can be used as evidence against you. Do not use words like “killed” when speaking about the incident to the 911 operator.

Fourth, 911 operators are trained to keep you on the phone talking about the situation; however, you are not required to stay on the line. Once you complete your phone call, hang up, and ignore the 911 operator’s attempts to call you back.

Fifth, DO NOT waive your rights—you may need them.

Once you have followed these five tips, hang up with the 911 operator and call the U.S. LawShield Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline right away. Try to make this call in an area where you can be alone and speak privately. The Independent Program Attorneys will help you with what to say and do before the police arrive.

If you cannot get to an area where you are alone, simply tell the hotline attorney your name, member number, location, and what type of emergency you’ve experienced (i.e., shooting, drawn firearm, etc.). If you have time, give the name and phone number of an emergency contact to the attorney in case you are arrested.

Members, during your time of need, an Independent Program Attorney is ready to assist you and is just a phone call away. Call the emergency hotline number located on the back of your member card.

U.S. LawShield is there for you before, during, and after a self-defense incident. Become a member and get the peace of mind you want and the protection you need.

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Top 10 Most Iconic American Firearms

American Firearms Built This Country

Just as American freedom has flourished for the past few centuries, so has the prestige of the firearms that have helped make that possible. Below, you’ll find a rundown absolutely brimming with American firearms that you not only know, collect, and display, but can only be justly described by one word…iconic.



M1 Garand

We start off with one of the most iconic American weapons, the M1 Garand. Of all the small arms in the U.S. Military’s arsenal during World War II, the M1 Garand was the one of the most effective. From Saving Private Ryan to the plethora of WWII video games that feature the weapon, there are few weapons that come to mind more often when an American thinks of WWII. While Germany, Japan, and Russia were plinking off individual rounds with a bolt action rifle from a five round magazine, Americans were storming Normandy Beach and paving the road to Berlin using eight-round clips with blistering semi-automatic fire.

Gen. George C. Patton dubbed it “the greatest battle implement ever devised.” The M1 was adopted into service in 1936 and remained in service through the end of the Korean War.


Thompson Sub-Machinegun

More commonly known as a ‘Tommy Gun’, the Thompson Sub Machinegun is another member of the iconic American firearms club. Although it was originally developed for close quarters combat in the trenches of rural France during WWI as a “trench sweeper”, it never made it to battlefields of France as the weapon was completed after the conclusion of the war. The magazine came in either a 20 or 30 round stick magazine with an alternative of a 50 or 100 round drum. The U.S. and British Armies used the weapon beginning in 1928 through the end of WWII. The weapon was also known as the ‘Chicago Typewriter’ due to its staccato report as it was fired by the gangsters in Prohibition-era Chicago.


Flintlock Kentucky Rifle

Developed for general frontier use, the Flintlock Kentucky Rifle is a symbol of independence and rugged self-reliant American Individualism. Unlike the smoothbore weapons that so many of the world’s militaries were still using in the late 18th Century, the Kentucky Rifle had a rifled barrel which increased the effective range to nearly two hundred yards. Although many Colonists still used smoothbore muskets, this American weapon proved an important force multiplier in the many battles for American independence in the Revolutionary War.


Model 1911

The 1911 is one of the quintessential American firearms designed by John Browning in the early 20th Century. It is definitely one of the most iconic American weapons. The .45 Caliber weapon is a mainstay of everything from Special Forces units to competition shooters, to every day Americans. This was the first major large caliber semi-automatic handgun that was widely adopted to deal with the increased threat experienced during the Philippine-American War. American soldiers were emptying their revolver cylinders into enemy insurgents to no avail. The semi-automatic, magazine fed 1911 was the solution. It has been in service with the American military since 1911 and still serves as the preferred sidearm of many American tier one units across the globe today.


Colt Single Action Army “Peacemaker”

The pistol that won the wild west is the Colt Single Action Army. Forged in steel for over 150 years, this weapon is still produced to the same specifications nearly a century and a half after its initial release. The revolver is a .45 Long Colt designed for use by the US Army Calvary, and later adopted by Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and the Legends of The West.


1860 Henry Rifle

The first mainstream lever action rifle was the 1860 Henry Rifle. With its iconic brass receiver, it was the first in a new era of weapons. From the wild west to the Civil War, this rifle redefined how Americans thought of weapons. The Henry Rifle has an easy to reload fifteen round magazine, and it is chambered in the powerful .44 Magnum round. This weapon was nothing to sneeze at for anything unlucky enough to find itself on the business end of the brass bodied behemoth. This weapon was so effective for its time that soldiers were spending their own wages to purchase it for themselves rather than use their issued weapons.



The Springfield model 1903 is a weapon of war that has served longer than nearly any other small arm: from the trenches of the Somme to parade fields in Washington D.C. today. This weapon is nothing if not versatile. The bolt action magazine-fed rifle served as a primary weapon in World Wars I and II,  as a sniper rifle in Vietnam, and currently serves as the standard drill rifle for thousands of drill teams across the country.


Remington 870

This shotgun is the gold standard for police departments, the FBI, hunters, and game wardens alike. With over twelve million of these shotguns produced since they were introduced in 1950, its safe to say that these weapons can be found in most towns across the country, from a squad car to a gun cabinet. This weapon will work as a shotgun, hammer, and even a paddle on a duck hunting trip. Versatile and reliable, the 870 is as American as it gets.


ArmaLite AR-15

The most popular sporting rifle in America today, the ArmaLite AR-15 is a .223/5.56 semi-automatic magazine fed weapon. The iconic AR-15 is the semi-automatic civilian version of the US Military’s M16 Battle Rifle. The AR-15, which stands for ArmaLite Rifle Fifteen, has been redesigned for nearly any modern sporting caliber you can imagine. From 6.5 Creedmoor to .308 to .458 SOCOM this frame can do it all. This ‘black rifle’ is one of the most iconic American weapons on this list when it comes to near universal recognition the world over.



S&W Model 29

In the movie Dirty Harry, Detective Harry Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood, famously asks if a bank robber “feels lucky.” As anyone who has shot this American gun would agree you never want to be on the other end of “the most powerful handgun in the world.” Dirty Harry’s network television debut can be linked to an immediate run on gun shops for any blued Model 29 chambered in .44 Caliber.

Did your favorite make it on this list? What other iconic American firearms do you know? Tell us in the comments!

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Permit Holders are Mostly Law-Abiding, According to Study

concealed carry, permit holders, law-abiding

Many anti-gun legislators and activists constantly claim that restricting access to firearms and banning concealed carry of handguns will help protect Americans. This is not even the slightest bit true. In state after state, the data show that permit holders are overwhelmingly law-abidingeven relative to police officers.

Crimeresearch.org put together a comparison of Illinois concealed license holders and the general population in terms of crimes committed:

“After just over four years with a right-to-carry law, Illinois has over 265,000 permit holders — about 2 percent of the adult population. By July 29, 2014, Illinois had issued 68,549 licenses. From 2014 to 2018, Illinois had an average of over 176,000 active permits. Over that same period, no one has been convicted of committing a crime with his permitted concealed handgun. Five individuals face charges, and four of them may have used their guns in self-defense. It is quite common for arrests to be made in cases of legitimate self-defense, and charges usually end in a “not guilty” verdict when they are even brought. Two of the permit holders listed by the Tribune face firearms charges, but not for anything pertaining to concealed carry.

So in Illinois, there have been zero convictions for crimes committed with a permitted concealed handgun. Annually, just 0.63 per 100,000 permit holders are charged with such a crime.” – source

The Chicago Tribune interviewed an Illinois State Police Lieutenant about concealed carry permit holders and the officer could not stop singing praise for concealed carry licensees:

“You rarely hear an instance where a CCL holder is using their firearm in an unlawful manner. They’re generally law-abiding citizens, and they’ve gone to great lengths to get to where they’re at to have a CCL. And they’ve taken training to get there. And most of them, they understand what the requirements are to use force to defend themselves.” –source

In Illinois, as in every other state, concealed weapons permit holders are an extremely law-abiding subset of the population; in Texas they are actually less likely to be convicted of a crime than a police officer. Every year, only 0. 00063% of permit holders are charged with a crime, and not one has been convicted of using their legally carried weapon illegally in Illinois. Four of the aforementioned five cases during almost 4.5 years involved what appear to be self-defense shootings.

What the statistics don’t show is how often a citizen uses their permitted concealed handguns in a defensive scenario. Evidence indicates the vast majority of scenarios don’t involve the gun being fired when they are used in self-defense, but the citizen drawing the weapon changing the perpetrator’s intentions.

Most citizens who use their weapon as a deterrent without firing it would not report it to the police because the threat is over. There is little that can be done to find and charge the culprit in most circumstances and it could actually result in the responsible gun owner being charged for defending themselves.

Responsible permit holders are less likely to break the law but that does not always stop overzealous officers or a young District Attorney looking to pad their statistics with convictions and improving their “win” ratio—even if that means putting a good law-abiding citizen in a jail cell.

U.S. LawShield® members enjoy piece of mind in the event you are charged for a self-defense shooting like many of the cases in this article. Sign up now to get started.

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