Member Perk: Shooters Grill

Hi, everyone. G Gun Girl here, Brand Ambassador for U.S. LawShield in the beautiful State of Colorado. U.S. LawShield Members here in Colorado your voices have been heard. I have received countless emails about coming out here to this beautiful city and doing a very special 2A Member Perk story. Well, you know what? I am here in Rifle, Colorado at the Shooters Grill. These good folks are in here cooking up some good American homemade yumminess with a Second Amendment twist. Let’s go in and check them out.

Germaine: Okay members, so now I am inside of the Shooters Grill here in Rifle, Colorado with the beautiful Ms. Jasmine. How are you, Jasmine?

Jasmine: I’m doing pretty good. How are you?

Germaine: Great. Well, we’re really excited to be here. It’s only been two years in the making for us trying to get up here. Now what does it mean to you to be able to carry your firearm to work, being concealed or even open carry?

Jasmine: It’s a blessing. It makes me feel really comfortable and safe. The people love it. It’s nice. I love it.

Germaine: That’s wonderful. Now what do you carry?

Jasmine: I have a .38 Special Smith and Wesson.

Germaine: Oh, wow. So, no one’s going to be messing with you, for sure. I love it. Now do you find that you’re seeing a lot of people coming in from different states, or different cities just to kind of see you ladies coming in carrying while you’re serving?

Jasmine: Constantly. Always, always. Almost all of my tables are people from all over the world. They’re just as excited as we are.

Germaine: Now tell us the most important question here. What’s the best thing to order on the menu?

Jasmine: My absolute favorite … Well you can’t go wrong with any of the burgers, but definitely our Guac 9. I love it.

Germaine: And I love the name, Guac 9.

Jasmine: It comes with glockacamole.

Germaine: Love it.

Okay members, it has been a great day here at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. I have been stuffing my face with these wonderful burgers, and these delicious brisket cheese fries. Oh my gosh, amazing. I think Mason the Bear is also stuffed as well. So, you gotta come in here and experience it. It has been a wonderful day. Remember to go on to our website at Log in. Click on the Perks tab. Type in Shooters Grill, and that discount will come right up for you. If you’re not a member yet we definitely want to encourage you to sign up and become a member online to take advantage of all these wonderful perks that you’re going to get just like here at Shooters Grill. A big thank you to the Shooters Grill management and staff for allowing us to be here and film. It was a great day. So, until next time remember stay armed and stay educated. We’ll see you next time.

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Member Perk: A Girl and A Gun

In this edition of Member Perks, learn about A Girl and A Gun from none other than Julianna Crowder, the founder and spirit behind the group. Also, watch to view the footage of their recent 6th annual national conference in Burnet, Texas.

Her Story

JULIANNA: I was a firearms instructor for going on 5 years, and I was not seeing my business grow with the female market like I thought it would. So, I started identifying the no’s that I was getting from women—either no time, no money in the family budget, they were not interested, or they felt they knew enough. I addressed all of those no’s and turned them into a fun “yes”; a girl’s night out at the range—no pressure, no expectations. Just come out and give it a try.

Our Girl and a Gun national conference is our biggest event of the year. It is something that is very special to us because we bring women in of all training levels, abilities, and interest, and we provide them with opportunities to see what realistic training is; when you go into a big group class and usually you are the only girl in a group of 20 guys. So, it provides the opportunity to meet instructors and to find out what it’s like to be out on the range. Depending on the woman that comes to AGAG event, she has different goals in mind. Some of that might be just to learn how to use a firearm for personal defense, some want to learn for the recreation and competition aspect. So, wherever a girl comes in, we are there to meet her where she is and then help her achieve these goals. We have some of the best facilitators and instructors that work with us at a national and local level, and we have a sisterhood and a community that really understands the mission that we are working towards every day.

Learn More
If you want more information about A Girl and A Gun, you can go to And as always, check out and head to our “Perks” page for more information on the member perks available near you.

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Get Set for Your Next Fishing Trip with JH Custom Rods 

Summer is in high gear and as you look to head out on your next fishing trip you might need a new fishing rod. One place you should consider is our latest member perk JH Custom Rods.  Watch our video to find out more about JH Custom Rods and see more highlights from the Houston Boat Show 

Get ready for your next fishing trip and access your Member Perks to support other 2A businesses like JH Custom Rods.

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Support Your Local Gun Store

The news has been filled with stories of big box chain stores, Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others, declaring they will no longer sell “assault-style” rifles. They have also declared they will not sell any firearm or ammunition to a person under the age of 21. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 21, you might be asking yourself how can I exercise my Second Amendment legal right to purchase a long gun? Or, if you’re a stringent supporter of the Second Amendment you may not want to support companies who don’t support the Second Amendment and are asking yourself what can I do? The answer to both questions is simple— support your local gun store.

Small Businesses: The Heartbeat of America

Small businesses, such as your local gun stores have been the heart of the American economy since the colonial days. Local gunsmiths during the American Revolution were a vital part in providing the Colonial Army firearms to be able to win independence from the British. With the second amendment under attack, it is more important than ever to support your local gun store.

U.S. & Texas LawShield is proud to be able to partner with many local gun stores across the country. These partners make up a large portion of our 2A Member Perks. Many Member Perks partners offer discounts to our members on firearms and accessories. Members, be sure to check out your Member Portal to see the discounts offered, and please continue to support the local stores and shops who do not infringe on YOUR Second Amendment rights.

Let us know your favorite gun store in the comments below.

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Calling All Cowboys and Cowgirls, Allen’s Western Wear Has You Covered

Looking your best is important when you head out to two-step, boot scoot, or rodeo. But finding your best look all in one place isn’t always the easiest. Now, with our latest Member Perk Allen’s Western Wear it is. Watch Brand Ambassador Germaine Baur in our latest video to find out more. Be sure to check out our other Member Perks, in your Member Portal, to take advantage of all your membership has to offer.

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Tips for Purchasing Holsters for the Holidays

concealed carry stalling

Tis the season for holiday festivities and of course, gift giving. If a holster is on your list of items to purchase, you could be in for one hectic shopping experience. And the reason for this is that not all holsters are created equal. On the contrary, they take on many different shapes, styles, and colors. It’s no wonder that finding the right one can be a daunting process.

A simple Google search yields countless options within the categories above and that search is likely to cause even the most seasoned gun owners to think twice about which holster to purchase.

So, before we took to navigating the web to find the perfect holster, we asked ourselves a few questions and focused on some details to help us zero in on the perfect one.

By taking the time to focus on these details, we can assure you that you too can find the perfect holster for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season.

Know Your Gun and How You’re Carrying

The first thing you’ll want to consider is what type of gun you’re buying the holster for. Most holsters fit a specific type of gun and are not interchangeable. If you carry a .45 you will not want to look at a holster for a .380 and vice versa. There are some firearm models, such as Glock, that one holster will work for multiple models of guns. However, in most situations, the holster is molded for a specific model gun.

The next option you’ll want to know is how you, or the person the holster is going to, will be carrying. For someone carrying on their body, you will want to know which of a variety of ways a person prefers—inside waistband (IWB) or outside waistband (OWB), ankle, shoulder and for women the added bra or garter option. For the person carrying off their body, there are numerous options as well. Today, holsters are made to fit in a variety of places: purses, backpacks, day planners, iPad cases amongst other options.

Questions to Consider

Before purchasing your desired holster, it’s important, to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you prefer to carry inside or outside your waistband?
  • What position do you plan on carrying it in?
  • How do you plan on carrying your spare magazines?
  • How will your day-to-day attire affect your holster?

Three Words to Remember When Purchasing Holsters 

Once you’ve answered the above questions, focus on these three words.

Accessibility. Concealment. Comfort.

When purchasing a holster, you need to consider the accessibility it will lend you when you’re in need of your weapon. This all comes down to preference. However, proper positioning could mean more easy and direct access.

You will also need to consider concealment. For example, say you choose to wear an outside waistband holster. You’re at the grocery store and trying to reach for an item on the top shelf. As you go to reach for the item, your shirt lifts and displays your gun. A shopper next to you may see this and become alarmed. Depending on what state you reside in, this may or may not be an issue. We encourage you to turn to our Independent Program Attorneys who can provide you with state-specific information.

Finally, you need to consider comfort. Your holster will play a big role in your day-to-day life. You’ll want to think about what you’ll be doing throughout the day. Will you be working out? How will it fit into your clothes? Some holsters will add extra width to your waist line, so your perfect pair of pants may not fit with the holster.

From there, you can consider what type of material your holster is made from and what position it will be in on your person. Consider whether you will you be sitting or standing for long periods of time. This will determine whether you purchase a leather holster or a Kydex holster. The decision is yours, but we do suggest you consider all your options.

Where to Buy and Get Deals

There are many online and big-box retailers that sell holsters. There are a couple of things you will want to consider before making your purchase. Be sure to check the return policy from the company. We have all been in the situation where something may have the right feel in the store, but after a couple of days of use, you know the holster is not for you. Make sure you know if you can return the item.

Something else to ask a store, do they provide the option to rent and test equipment? If this option exists, it will give you the opportunity to confirm your feel of the holster and if it is the right fit for you.

Put Your Member Perks to Work!

With your new-found knowledge on concealed carry holsters, you can now successfully navigate the shopping centers this holiday season. And, if you’re a member of U.S. & Texas LawShield®, we encourage you to take advantage of your 2A friendly Member Perks.

Through our Member Perks Program, our Member Family can shop at local stores, eat at local restaurants, and shoot at local gun ranges. All businesses are 2A friendly and many offer discounts to our members, with a valid U.S. & Texas LawShield member card.

For more information on these great deals, simply log into the member portal. Visit the Member Perks section and select a category to view your options.

As always, if you don’t see a 2A friendly business on our list, let us know! Our Brand Ambassador, Germaine Baur will do her absolute best to secure these Member Perks for our ever-growing list. You can email her at



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Our First Official Member Range Day Outside Texas 

Now Introducing Range Days in Florida

We are so excited to finally bring Member Range Days to the sunshine state!

Join Us Next Time Yourself

Don’t miss our next Member Range Day! Be sure to look out for announcements in our newsletters and on social media so that you don’t miss out. And check out our Member Perks page to see what other great deals you’re entitled to just for being a member of U.S. LawShield. 

Watch The Fun

Click the video below to see Germaine our brand ambassador have a blast at Shooter’s World in Tampa.


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We Are Still The Largest and Best

Dear Members and Friends,

I can never say it enough—thank you for being a valued member of the U.S. & Texas LawShield® Family and for trusting us with your Legal Defense for Self-Defense®. We take the responsibility of protecting our more than a quarter of a million members seriously.

We’re Growing!

We have been working tirelessly to expand the availability of the peace-of-mind that you enjoy to others. And just so: we are excited to announce that U.S. & Texas LawShield is now available in 4 new states: Louisiana, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and New Mexico with a handful of others to follow in just the next few weeks.

Expanding into new states is all part of our mission to provide the best self-defense legal protection available anywhere.  Be sure to tell your friends and family this great news and be on the lookout for where we go next!

Perks of Membership

As you know, membership in the U.S. & Texas LawShield family provides you with not only unparalleled legal protection, but also with the most comprehensive educational resources on self-defense and gun law available anywhere.

Even better—you can get your questions answered in person at a Gun Law Seminar near you, or you can pick up the phone and ask one of your local independent program attorneys any question about self-defense laws you may have.

Don’t forget to visit one of our more than 2,000 affiliate gun ranges across the country to hone your training and be sure to get a great discount by taking advantage of Member Perks.


As our company and member family grows, so do the great benefits and privileges of membership with U.S. & Texas LawShield.  We’re honored you’ve chosen us to protect you when you protect what matters most.



Kirk W. Evans


U.S. & Texas LawShield®

Texas & U.S. Law Shield President Kirk Evans

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