Can I Trick-Or-Treat And Carry in Texas?

Can I Trick-Or-Treat And Carry in Texas?  

This Halloween, we want to discuss something much scarier than any ghost or ghoul: spending the night in a jail cell, or possibly losing your right to self-defense!

In the short video below, Independent Program Attorney Richard Hayes explains Texas law when it comes to carrying your firearm on October 31st, and how you can avoid possible toil and trouble.



Will you be bringing your firearm with you this Halloween? Share your plans with us, and let us know if you learned something new in the comments below!

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11 comments on “Can I Trick-Or-Treat And Carry in Texas?

  1. Excellent video which fully explanations the “parking lot” situations for trunk-or-treat in a school parking lot.

    I have always been unsure of the exact “parking lot” details especially for football games where the playing field is contiguous to, and immediately accessible from the parking lot.


    • My understanding is that if the event is not happening in the parking lot itself, you’d still be legal to carry therein. Anyone care to clarify? Thanks!

  2. In my recent Texas Law Shield email none of the videos were showing?

    • Hi Benny. We’re sorry to hear this happened. Could you please let us know which email you are referring to? Thank you.

  3. Yes carry concealed, not open, to avoid intimidating

  4. Yes, this was helpful. I did not know you couldn’t carry at a school-sponsored, pumpkin-related event. Thanks for the video!

  5. The Above Info Was Very Helpful.. If A Church Does NOT have the 30.06 OR 30.07 Signs posted, cab I assume I Can Conceal Carry Until Further Notice From The Church???

  6. how do I go about renewing my Texas license to carry

    • Hi Jack. Thanks for your question. Please visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. There you will find instructions for renewing your Texas license to carry.

  7. Can I go to jail if my boss catches me with my weapon at work? We do have a no gun policy for employees.

    • Hi Todd. Thanks for your question! So long as possession of your gun is not violating a state or federal law you will not go to jail. However, you are breaking a company policy so you may face termination or suspension. This just depends on your company.

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