Can a Family Argument Take Away Your Gun Rights?

The General Assembly meets at the first part of every year—typically January and February. If there are new laws, they go into effect immediately upon signature by the Governor (typically on July 1st). This year, nothing new went into effect July 1st.

Are there any new Georgia gun laws on the horizon?

Let’s talk about gun violence restraining orders or what are known as extreme risk protective orders (ERPOs). Currently, more than 20 states have proposed or enacted some version of an extreme risk protective order. Some versions are much like California, Oregon, and Washington’s. In each of these states there was a version of a gun violence restraining order that allowed family members, household members, and law enforcement to obtain orders restraining individuals from possessing firearms.

Other states like Florida and Vermont have enacted extreme risk protective orders which permit only law enforcement or the State’s Attorney to obtain these extreme risk protective orders. In Florida’s case, extreme risk protective orders can be sought and obtained against an individual who does not even own a firearm.

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What do you think is on the horizon in Georgia? As you and I know, Georgia has given back to its citizens many of the Second Amendment privileges and rights that were initially obtained in the Bill of Rights. Do you think this is on the horizon? Comment below if you do, and thank you.

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2 comments on “Can a Family Argument Take Away Your Gun Rights?

  1. I fear it is on the horizon. I know a „staunch“ second amendment advocate who thinks it’s a marvelous idea.

  2. Well thank you Mr. Matt Kilgo for this great info to know about family members PRO’s but, isn’t this possible future legislation the same thing that happens to spouse that has his/ her 2nd amendment rights taken away by the courts all because the other spouse has filled a PRO against him/ her and reported to law enforcement that he/she has fire arms in the home. and Law enforcement does not care about the spouse that has the rights to still keep and bare arms, could you please elaborate on tis issue a little bit more. Thank you.

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