Sometimes, we can barely believe how members of the public react when they see a “gun,” or what they think is a gun. From the Kennebec Journal in Maine:

NORRIDGEWOCK — Michael Smith went outside shirtless after being awakened Tuesday morning, yelling at a tree removal company to get off his property.

The workers thought they saw a gun in his waistband and called police.

Smith, who’d gone back to bed, was awakened again minutes later — this time by Maine State Police at his front door, backed up by a group of troopers with assault rifles in his driveway. They were asking him via a megaphone to come out of his house.

Smith did have a gun. It was tattooed on his stomach.

Does Michael Smith have the right to keep and “bear” ink? Or, does Michael Smith have the right to keep and “bare” belly? Let us hear your puns below. 


Photo by David Leaming, Kennebec Journal