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Firearms Legal Defense Program


As your instructor, I strongly recommend this program to anyone who owns a firearm

I rest easy knowing that as a member of U.S. Law Shield, if I am forced to use my firearm in self-defense, I will have civil and criminal representation for ZERO attorneys’ fees. Any gun owner who is not protected by U.S. Law Shield is risking an expensive legal nightmare.

Our members carry
with confidence.

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On-Call Attorney Access

  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline, answered by your Independent Firearms Program Attorney
  • Non-emergency legal consultation available to members daily
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Zero Fee Legal Defense

  • Covers both criminal and civil cases
  • Zero attorneys’ fees for all covered events
  • No caps, no limits, no deductibles

Expert Education

  • Gun law seminars and workshops, featuring experienced attorneys, firearms instructors and law enforcement officers
  • Updates and publications on critical gun law

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